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Korean Language Solution and Business Support Services



OLT is your partner for Korean Language Solution and Linguistic Validation, and we Directly deal with you end client.

So when you need Korean language expert for translation, linguistic validation for localization of your message and business, lets be with you for help.


We maintain open communication with you when you entrust a job to us, as well as for any job already delivered to you for any reason. And this is Not a simple matter.


When there is a middleman who outsources your job, it would be pretty hard for you to have direct communication with or even to contact the person who is doing or did your job, for timely help, let alone the time you need to invest.


We, therefore, maintain straightforward direct engagement with you. So we will be right there like your colleague when you need. And you will know who is doing your job how, and whom you need to contact for timely and straightforward help.


Timely and direct engagement services are what we are striving to provide.

And we love simplicity and focus on only one pair of languages, Korean and English.


Lets make complicated irresponsible outsourcing business the past and move on toward richer and freer world.

So we may be able to have more peace of mind when dealing internationally.


Thank you!





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